About Pamela


Pamela is The Lesbian Love Coach, your guide to finding the lesbian love of your life. She has been in two long term relationships and has been exploring the dating world for five years. She is currently in an exciting relationship that is bringing even more growth into her life.  Pamela has done a lot of work on herself and in her relationships.  Through years of experience and learning from many books, seminars and years of costly therapy, she has synthesized a system to share with you on how to find the love of your life and then a fail proof way to keep her and live in an amazing relationship. In her coaching and group programs, Pamela will help you overcome frustration and make choices that will get you there faster and have more fun. You will quickly get clear on what you really want in a life partner, develop and work strategies to get there and most importantly, overcome the blocks, challenges and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from having that one perfect love.

Pamela’s mission is to help lesbians create real transformation for their highest good so they can make a deep connection and create a conscious relationship with the woman of their dreams.  Join Pamela on this journey to Awaken your deep inner love so you can Attract a beautiful outer love.


Pamela’s interest in coaching started when she volunteered for 5 years with Contact Crisis Counseling Hotline in Delaware and Texas.  Working the late Friday night shift provided an insight into the darker side of peoples’ problems and the value of active listening.

After a 30 year highly successful career in Pharma and Biotech, Pamela completely changed gears and went back to what she loved – coaching, first business coaching and now relationship coaching.

Trained by Christian Michelson, proclaimed the Coach to Coaches, Pamela is certified in Relationship Coaching, Rapid Coach Academy and Confident Coach. She teaches and uses valuable tools called Instant Miracle and the Peace Process to help her clients get to a centered, neutral place where solutions become clear. She is a certified Health Coach and is trained in the practice of Mental Fitness and incorporates this into her highly effective coaching process.

She does one on one and group coaching and is anxious to start up in-person workshops.

Pamela hosts a weekly podcast called Lesbian Love Podcast. She also writes a monthly column in www.datingadvice.com as The Lesbian Dating Expert. For topics you'd like to hear about, please contact her at TheLesbianLoveCoach@gmail.com