Why a Lesbian Love Coach?

Today, it is often frustrating for many lesbians to get into a relationship and stay in one. Why is that? Well, for starters, none of us has been taught how and secondly, our lifestyle has been relegated to the closet in many ways. We also tend to get very wounded by our past relationships and bring all of that into the next one. 

How can a coach help you? I work with clients to help them:

- Get really clear on what they want and who they want to be in a relationship

- Figure out strategies to meet women, get great dates and have fun doing it, plus once you're in a relationship we work on keeping it going strong

- Get more confidence with your self image,  flirting, dating, living together; we work on skills you need to deal with issues that arise during dating and in relationships.

- Optimize your environment so you can feel better about yourself and be in a healthy relationship with confidence to deal with ongoing challenges

- Release the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from finding and keeping your perfect love